Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sept 4

These are some of the important issues that  face Niagara Falls 

    1    High level of unemployment approx 16% Although this is a Federal & Provincial Issue we can  not sit on our thumbs  and wait for good times.
     2    Housing: we must renew our un used spaces, vacant industrial areas are a great place to build mixed residential.Do we want these areas to be vacant/run downlike some areas of Niagara NY> This also creates high paying construction jobs. We have the skills
3  Environment: Like clean water,properly processed sewage Safe swimming beaches clean air,safe public parks, 
4  Infrastructure: Road maintenance. Safe sidewalks,replace Decaying sewers, sewage treatment plants.clean water Piping.Flood control ditches. 
 5  Policing: Have we modernized personnel and equipment Have we(The Police Commission) given the proper direction To our Men and Women that help keep our city safe.  
6  Money: Are we spending wisely the tax payers money Do we give tax concessions unnecessarily Do we hire consultants  when our Professional Employees can do        the job Do we always get competitive bids for large  Contracts and do we allow  our  Professional Engineers To analyze and evaluate the bids.  
7  Health Care Do we ask the Doctors, Nurses, Administrators the correct questions and  even more importantly do we listen to their answer s and do we fully understand the answers. 
8  Transit Are we fully utilizing our personnel and equipment Do we analyze the ridership /route and do we always need the biggest ,most expensive  equipment. Do we need full size buses to ride up and down our streets with the driver and maybe one or two paying passengers in off peak times. Has our Transit Bid on the school busing Contracts?   

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug 25

Now that I am officially a City Councillor Candidate, I will start to articulate my position  on important  City matters. As a Candidate I hope that YOU (City Residents) will advise me of your Concerns. Remember that the City belongs to YOU. The changes that I will Champion will mostly likely come from YOU.
Polluted Swim Beaches,
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug 18

 Why  you should VOTE for me October 25 2010
As a City Councillor I know that I will serve the city residents with distinction. I will be available for you. I will listen to and act on your concerns. I will consult you on important matters that come before council. I will always remember who the city belongs to. As City councillors, we must ensure all parts of the City participate in the continued growth and success of our great City. I am a keen observer of the way communities evolve and prosper or stagnate and decline. As the world continues to change Our City must adapt to the changing environment. One  main industry Cities need to diversify while continuing to actively promote the existing successful enterprises. I know that I will be able to add Character, Honesty, Knowledge, Direction and new ideas to this new 2010 Niagara Falls City Government.

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I hope that you will vote to make me your City Councillor
Mervyn Senior 2010 City Councillor Candidate